2. kushkomikss:

    mini kuš! #20Crater Lake’ by Jean de Wet

    Jean de Wet’s Crater Lake is a panoramic portrait of space and time, capturing moments of tranquility, paranoia, invasion, rebellion, indifference and ultimately salvation-all taking place within a volcanic crater community, during an unusual cosmic event.

    Format: A6, 28 pages, saddle stitch binding, full-color cover, inside one Pantone spot color, English

    Get it:  Will be released in the end of November. Pre-order for $ 6.00 from our webshop (worldwide shipping costs included in price)

  3. 'Treasure Hunter' My Submission for 'Minotaur #1' A zine anthology edited by Pawel Mildner. Also includes lots of great work from other artists!

  4. Vredehoek (2013) from the John Doe Show

  5. Seapoint (2013) from the John Doe Show

  6. Entrance Chamber (2013) 

  7. Mantle House (2013)

  8. Quarry Cove (2013)

  9. Lava sculptures ~ mini series (2013)

  10. Meuble #2 (2013)

  11. Meuble #1 (2013)

  12. King Heridus of the 6th Mantleon Chamber (2013)

  13. Census (2013)

    One of the many other drawings going up at the Former Mountains Group Show at Salon 91 in Cape Town tonight! Also including other amazing work by Bruce Mackay, Dale Lawrence and Mike Tymbios.

  14. Red Cave (2012)

    From the ~Tropic of Soda~ show last year.

  15. Data Gathering