1. Creeper (2014)

  2. Gamma Grove (2014)

  3. Explore the Rubble Shore

  4. Ruins with Antenna 

  5. Poison Gum

  6. Upside Down Town

  7. Here’s a piece for an upcoming group-show called 'Those Who Wander' at Salon91 in Cape Town on the 25th of July. Also including great work by Bruce Mackay, Gerhard Human, Ree Treweek, Rikus Ferreira, Jade Klara, Hanno Van Zyl and Daniël Du Plessis.

  8. Rainbow Landfill

  10. Coming or Going?
    Mixed Media on Ceramic

    For the “I take it all back” Show at Nirox Projects, Arts on Main, Johannesburg. Curated by Maaike Bakker and Jayne Crawshay-Hall. 

  12. Glendelle

  13. RSA-SP

    ~ Republic of South Africa Space Program ~

    "In the not too distant future, an International space race to colonise habitable moons and exoplanets, erupts. South Africa joins in the galactic free-for-all, as it sends a new colony of citizens across the far reaches of space."

    Edition of 5, Fine Art Prints / created for ‘Wonders of the Universe vol.1’ exhibition curated by Soft Serve (Maaike Bakker + Nina Torr), at Wolves in Johannesburg.

  14. Got to do the Cheatahs & Eagulls June Tour poster the other day! Go check them out if you are anywhere around the allotted space and time.

  15. 'Secret Workshop' for the Clift#08 by Dehavilland from Barcelona!